This globally organized company of Swiss origin specializes in the development and worldwide distribution of innovative products within the field of complementary and alternative health solutions. In recent years, they have focused particularly on bionic technologies, drawing inspiration from low-energy vibrations within the Earth’s geomagnetic field and ionosphere.

The company ensures that its customers around the world receive consultation and support through a global network of independent, competent, and certified Lifestyle Consultants located in Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania. They prioritize the highest standards in development, production, and customer support, while also emphasizing fast service and the continuous development of innovative products and systems.

Wolfgang Jacksh – CEO, Founder of Swiss Bionic Solutions

Wolfgang Jaksch, a German native, is an international speaker, CEO and founder of Swiss Bionic Solutions. He is one of the visionary leaders in the worldwide development of PEMF. From potential casualty to health, he became the leading provider of PEMF solution for home use worldwide. Apart from lecturing and teaching health benefits of PEMF, he also develops all related products himself together with his own team of engineers and manufacturing facilities.

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